Dentist in Hamilton Township

Dentist in Hamilton Township

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Dentist Office in Hamilton Township

Dentist in Hamilton Township
Dentist in Hamilton Township

As specialists in implants and periodontal care, you can count on us at the office of David B. Heering DMD for all your needs from routine examinations to surgery. It’s all done with the skilled precision and gentle care that has earned our dentist in Hamilton Township his reputation.

The cornerstone of both optimal oral health is in having an initial oral examination. The relationship between your teeth and gums is one in which they depend on each other. You cannot sacrifice the well-being of one without affecting the other. You should see our dentist in Hamilton Township on an ongoing six month basis for a complete checkup and teeth cleaning. Gum disease has two basic stages. The first is called gingivitis and is typically marked by irritation and redness. The later stage, periodontitis, may produce inflammation, infection, and serious symptoms like bleeding gums, receding gums, and loss of gum and bone tissue. Your teeth may even become loose. Scaling and root planing is a method used effectively to counteract periodontitis. In more severe cases, you may need periodontal surgery, which includes crown lengthening, also used to promote a more attractive smile. Speaking of which, implants have become a hugely popular method for replacing lost teeth. They look, feel, and function nearly identically to your real teeth. And as an expert in periodontics, our dentist in Hamilton Township is fully qualified to do the surgery of placing the implant. The tooth portion will be taken care of by your restorative dentist, but there will be communication among both offices to ensure a fantastic outcome.

For everything related to the wellness of your gums, as well as their cosmetic improvement, including the placement of implants, you can depend on our office 100%. Contact us to set up an appointment to come in for an examination, consultation, or to schedule a surgical procedure.

David B. Heering DMD
2115 Klockner Road
Hamilton Township, NJ 08690
(609) 643-4042

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